Vocabulary Drills:
Use the links below to practice Latin vocabulary from any chapter of Ecce Romani Part 2.  Learn Latin online at home.
28 Preparing to Go Shopping  
29 Going to the Market  
30 Fire!  
31 Pseudolus  
32 Dinner Preparations  
33 At Dinner   pop-ups
34 Commissatio
35 Crime  
36 A Letter  
37 Off to School   Deponent Verbs
38 The Lessons Begin   adverbs
              Cardinal numerals     Ordinal numerals
A Lesson for Sextus  
40 To Father from Sextus   review vocab
41 Dramatic News  
42 A Slave to the Rescue  
43 At the Baths  
44 Stop Thief!  
45 Pyramus and Thisbe   Arachne & Minerva
A Rainy Day  
47 Looking forward to the Games  
48 A Day at the Colosseum  
49 Androcles and the Lion  
50 Nothing Ever Happens  
51 Marcus Comes of Age  
52 Papirius Praetextatus
53 Cornelia's Wedding  
54 A Sad Occasion  
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